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Why you should join us

Ride more safely on our well established and mapped routes, such as our famous Turkey Hill, Snake Hill, Stillwell, The Labs, Horseshoe, and many more. You riding skills will improve, and your fitness level will advance as you ride with us longer and faster. You will become a stronger rider.You will make new friends with a cycling bond that is developed through teamwork, experience, and gained skills. Our riders/members are experience and well trained cyclists that always smile and laugh on every ride and are ready to push you to greater limits. They are always your friend. Our riders will assist with any mechanical issues and punctures to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable ride. We guarantee a wonderful experience, a fast ride, sweat, and some of the most beautiful scenery on Long Island.

To Join

Complete the membership application and submit your membership dues.  If membership is received  after September 30th, membership is valid to December 31st of the following year.


As a member you will enjoy:

  • Exclusive discounts at Brands Cycle & Fitness and our other bike shops

  • Exclusive discount on PowerBar products at Brands Cycle & Fitness

  • Exclusive discount on our uniform

  • Exclusive discount to our holiday event

  • Access to club emails and texts

Membership Dues $30


  • YOU MUST WEAR a helmet!!!

  • STOP at all stop signs and red signals as required by law

  • YIELD when the traffic light is yellow and stop if necessary

  • STOP BEHIND VEHICLES at the traffic light

  • STAY OUT of the turning lane at the traffic light


  • BE PREDICTABLE to vehicles and the group; ride in a straight line

  • STAY ALERT and ready to stop at all times


  • DO NOT MAKE DANGEROUS  MOVES (contact or blocking) , especially during sprints

  • STAY IN THE REAR if you are struggling to hang on

  • SIGNAL WITH YOUR HAND your intentions

  • POINT OUT potholes and hazards

  • DO NOT spit or blow your nose when someone is in the path behind you

  • BE EQUIPPED with spare tubes, a pump or CO2, and lights for night riding

  • INFORM new riders about the rules and etiquette

  • BE RESPECTFUL to fellow riders


* Any person participating in a ride does so without any liability on the part of Triangle Cyclists or any of     it's members  in respect to injury, damage, or loss.


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